5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Hurricane Window Replacement Company

December 14, 2023
April 10, 2021

Hurricanes and tropical storms are constant visitors of Palm Beach County, Florida. However, unlike other visitors, these unwanted ones come with surprise and wreak havoc, leaving broken windows. Hence, if you ask your neighborhood about their priority list in terms of home construction, you’ll know that having impact-resistant windows claims the top spot. Thankfully, there are window replacement services within anybody’s reach.

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Who to Call to Repair Broken Windows

It can’t be you or a local handyman your friend suggests. As a Palm Beach resident, you must understand that installing or repairing impact-resistant windows requires a certain level of expertise and experience.  So, before you do the work yourself or entrust it to the hands of an inexperienced team, here are five things you need to consider before hiring a hurricane window replacement company.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Replacement Company

The Company’s Customer Reviews on the Internet

Reviews are a reliable way of knowing if a company is legitimate and trusted. Although this may be taxing, look for feedback from past clients. However, be wary of those comments that may be fake or paid promotions so the company will look good. 

Go for a Company That is Licensed and Insured

A professional Palm Beach hurricane window company has passed the county’s particular storm rating requirements. Therefore, having a license guarantees that the quality of work is superior and can withstand the test of time and harsh weather conditions.  Giving the job to an inexperienced team leaves you responsible for any damages or untoward incidents brought about by such mediocrity. The work of an amateur may look good in the first few weeks but falls apart as soon as the next hurricane arrives.  Do not hesitate to ask for a company’s licensing and how they handled past insurance issues. That gives you a better picture of their reputation in the industry. It shouldn’t be a problem when they have all the documents and proofs intact.

Clarify If They Specialize in Impact-Resistant Windows and Window Treatments

Some construction companies, albeit licensed and insured, do not specialize in installing or repairing impact-resistant windows. Although repair companies around Palm Beach County usually work with hurricane-safe glass, it’s best not to assume. Ask if the company uses storm-proof solutions and materials. 

Check If They Work with Preferred Brands

Some repair companies reduce their prices and use low-quality materials as substitutes for long-lasting and reliable brands. They do this to win clients. Thus, always confirm the brands this company trusts, and do your research.  

Ask If They Offer Long-Term Protection of Their Work

Let’s admit it. Scouring for professional repair companies is tiring and time-consuming. With this in mind, ask if the company offers long-term protection of their work. Through this, you won’t go through the same laborious process to gather information about a company.  Long-term protection includes a routine inspection every six to twelve months, depending on the severity of weather conditions in your area. In this case, minor damages are spotted early on before they worsen.  

window replacement services

Contact Us for Window Replacement Services

Palm Beach Hurricane Windows is a leading repair company across Florida. With a 30-year presence in the industry, our services have endured 30 seasons of tough hurricanes and damaging storms. All of which lived up to the promise of reliability and toughness. We work with any house, ensuring that our design’s strength does not compromise your property’s aesthetics. Trust us with your window replacement needs, and call us today.