How Are Floridians Wrong about Hurricane Windows and Doors

December 14, 2023
May 20, 2021

Whether you’ve been here for a long time or are just new in the neighborhood, it's common knowledge that Florida is constantly tormented by hurricanes. These harsh weather conditions are relentless and may cause damages to your house, especially if unprotected. That’s the reason why hurricane windows and doors Boynton Beach FL, are popular and top of each resident's priority list.

hurricane windows and doors Boynton Beach, FL

Does Everyone Know What Hurricane Windows and Doors Are and How They Work?  

Because of other house protection alternatives like cardboard shutters or duct tapes, it begs the question of how much people know about hurricane windows and doors. Do they completely understand how they work to protect their house?  Interestingly enough, it was found out that many Floridians have misconstrued understanding of hurricane windows and doors.  

Common Misconceptions

They are Expensive

The most famous misconception about hurricane windows and doors is that they’re expensive. On the contrary, they are much more cost-effective than shutters. Non-impact windows with electronic roll-down shutters, in fact, can cost twice the price of hurricane windows.   At first glance, hurricane-resistant alternatives may appear expensive. But, with their advantages in pre-storm preparation, increased security, UV blocking, and noise reduction, hurricane windows and doors give the best value for your money.  

They Don’t Guarantee Protection

Let’s get things straight. Hurricane windows don’t prevent hurricanes from hitting. They may also break under gale-force winds. However, they don’t shatter into shards of glass and potentially hurt anyone inside. If it does crack, it will only create a “spiderweb-like” pattern in your glass. That in itself is already huge protection on your part. And that is how hurricane windows and doors work to protect you and your home.  

They are All the Same

Many people think that having a high-quality window that has a Design Pressure Rating of DP50 is already enough to withstand hurricane-force winds. While it’s true that DP50 rated windows can protect your house from strong winds, they may not be as effective as hurricane-resistant windows.  DP50 rated windows can’t withstand flying debris that may hit them. Hurricane windows and doors, on the other hand, can survive against winds of up to 200 miles per hour. At best, a DP50 rated window can only withstand a wind load of 171 mph without it breaking.  

They are Just for Looks

Yes, hurricane-resistant windows and doors are engineered with aesthetics put into consideration. It’s undeniable they are better-looking compared to their counterparts. However, just because their main function is to protect your house doesn’t mean their beauty can be compromised. They offer permanent protection, which in turn gives its homeowner peace of mind amidst thrashing hurricanes and storms.   Additionally, their stress-free pre-storm preparation is noteworthy. Shutters require rolling down or closing up either manually or electronically, all this while a threatening storm is fast approaching.  

hurricane windows and doors Boynton Beach, FL

Ready to Get Hurricane Windows and Doors Near Boynton Beach, FL?  

If you’re near Boynton Beach, FL, and thinking of getting hurricane windows and doors, then contact us. We’d love to talk with you about it. Palm Beach Hurricane Windows has been in the business of providing added security and protection to Florida homes for more than 30 years now.  Our extensive experience and substantial knowledge ensure your home is in the right hands. We offer lifetime warranties to our products and free estimates for hurricane windows and doors installation. Talk to us as early as now.