What Are the Benefits of Installing Impact Windows and Doors?

December 14, 2023
December 17, 2020

Ask any resident of Florida about the merits of hurricane-proofing their home, and you’ll discover this is at the top of most homeowners’ priority lists. And for a good reason, with hurricane season beginning in June and lasting until November. Your home could be in the line of fire of gale-force winds and heavy rains at least six months out of every year. Protection from hurricane damage is usually the impetus for installing impact windows and doors, but the benefits of installing these go beyond the most apparent.

What Are Hurricane Resistant Windows and Entry Doors?

Hurricane resistant windows have an extra layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between the

PGT winguard vinyl hurricane impact windows

panes of glass that makes them more resistant to storm debris. Even if your window breaks during a storm, the PVB layer keeps it intact without the glass shards flying everywhere. At Palm Beach Hurricane Windows, we carry hurricane windows in numerous architectural styles. Find impact resistant windows as unique as your home, at competitive prices with warranties available. From traditional single- and double-hung windows to horizontal rollers, we give you plenty of options to consider.Hurricane resistant entry doors are typically constructed of vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. These materials are better suited for keeping your home dry because they can withstand hurricane-strength rains much better than steel or wood doors. They’ve also been tested to withstand hurricane-strength winds and even fluctuations in temperature without warping or buckling under the pressure. We also install hurricane resistant patio doors in French and sliding styles. Our company carries some of the most formidable brands in the industry, including Masonite®, Therma-Tru®, Plastpro®, WinDoor®, Custom Window Systems®, PGT®, CGI®, and EGS International.

Hurricane Protection Gives You Peace of Mind and Security

If a category 3 hurricane can be kept at bay, you can rest assured burglars will also be deterred from breaking into a home with hurricane windows. Although it is possible to shatter their glass, the resulting hole would be too tiny for most burglars to crawl through, thanks to their impact resistance. Likewise, impact doors also add an extra layer of protection, so that you can sleep more soundly at night. Preventing hurricane damage and potential break-ins gives homeowners peace of mind and enhanced security.

You’ll Enjoy Energy Savings and Reduced Insurance Premiums

Hurricane window installation can be an investment that pays for itself over time with energy savings and reduced insurance premiums. Because impact windows and doors create a tight seal of protection, they help make homes more energy-efficient. You should enjoy reduced home cooling and heating costs in practically no time. Insurance companies examine multiple factors when assessing the risk of property damage and determining insurance premiums. A home with impact-resistant windows and doors is less likely to see substantial storm damage and is at a lower risk for a burglary. Therefore, most insurance companies are more likely to offer you a discount if you’ve invested in impact protection.

Reduced Noise Pollution + Damaging UV Rays = Winning

Impact windows and doors have been shown to reduce the number of harmful UV rays entering your home. You won’t have to worry as much about damages to your furniture, drapes, or floors caused by fading. Additionally, these types of windows and doors help reduce neighborhood noise pollution, making them ideal for properties located near highways, airports, or areas with heavy traffic. You’re less likely to be awoken by the neighbor’s yapping dog or noisy leaf blower. Create a more peaceful, comfortable home environment with impact glass windows today!

Give Your Property a Boost in Value and Curb Appeal Today

Homes with replacement windows and doors look more attractive to prospective buyers, resulting in a significant boost in property value and curb appeal. If you take the time to install hurricane resistant windows and entry doors, you could see buyers willing to pay premium prices when it’s time to list your home on the market. Many state and county building codes even require impact windows and doors for safety purposes. Most savvy buyers are aware of the benefits mentioned and find a home with impact windows and doors more desirable, especially in Palm Beach County, FL.

Ask for a Free Installation Quote in Palm Beach County, FL

If you’re considering the installation of impact windows and doors on your Palm Beach County home, we’d love to hear from you. For over 30 years, Palm Beach Hurricane Windows has helped homeowners increase their property value and security with high-quality impact-resistant windows and doors. Many of our products have lifetime warranties available, and we offer free estimates for hurricane window and door installation. Reach out to us today for more info or to learn more about our flexible financing options available through Synchrony.