4 Things You Need to Know About Impact-Resistant Windows

January 3, 2024
June 15, 2021

South Florida homeowners know too well the threat imposed by seasonal hurricanes and storms. With this in mind, they prioritize installing heavy-duty windows to their properties. There are various options, and impact-resistant windows stand out.

impact-resistant windows

What are Impact-Resistant Windows?

Impact resistant windows are the best choice for protecting your home from flying debris brought about by gale-force winds. Hurricanes in South Florida may carry winds greater than 150 mph. Thus, optimizing your home protection system is of importance.While you may know these windows can increase energy efficiency, block UV rays and unwanted noise, and add insulation to your house, not everyone completely understands what impact-resistant windows are and how they work to protect your home. Knowing more about these products can help you better decide whether to have them for your property.

Impact-Resistant Windows are not the Same as Hurricane-Resistant Windows

It’s understandable why people misconstrue one from the other. They offer the same purpose, which is to protect your home from hurricanes. However, there is a significant difference in the level of protection each type can give to your house.Hurricane windows offer less insulation and mainly function to resist wind damage. Impact windows, on the other hand, can better protect your house from projectiles on top of resisting wind damage.

There are Many Types of Impact Windows

Impact windows come in different types. These types vary by the way the laminated glass panes bond together with the interlayer. One common type consists of multiple layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interposed between sheets of glass.Another common type, and a sturdier choice than PVB, is PET laminated glass combined with PVB-treated glass. The latter is arguably the best type of impact-resistant window in the market, but it may come with a higher price tag.

Impact Windows Require Stronger Window Frames

Impact-resistant windows need to be attached to strong window frames. Otherwise, the effectiveness suffers. However, nothing is ever too late when you’ve already built your house and want to upgrade it.You can have the entire window system reconstructed, as impact windows require equally strong window frames for more reliable protection.

Impact Windows Don’t Need Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are either manually or electronically operated. As a hurricane is fast approaching, you will have to roll down or close these shutters to provide protection. With the extra work, alongside other logistical preparations, having hurricane shutters can be an additional burden.Thankfully, impact-resistant windows don’t need hurricane shutters anymore. These can stand alone and effectively safeguard your home from wind damage and unwanted intruders, projectiles, and burglars alike.

impact-resistant windows

Secure Your Home with Impact-Resistant Windows

If you’re planning to upgrade the security of your home, installing impact-resistant windows is the best way to go. They may be more expensive than their counterparts, but they will save you more money down the road. Our mission at Palm Beach Hurricane Windows is to provide peace of mind to South Floridians by securing their homes.At the same time, our obsession with precision and customer-first mindset grants us the reputation of being the best in the industry. Talk to us today and live with peace of mind from this day forward.