5 Regrettable Mistakes Floridians Make

December 19, 2023
July 20, 2021

When you’re living in South Florida, having extra protection for your windows and doors is a must. It’s because this region is constantly thrashed by hurricanes and storms beginning June until November, taking its peak from August to early October. Thus, Floridians know the necessity of having hurricane windows and doors Jupiter FL.However, not everyone understands the importance of these doors and windows, thus, some commit mistakes they soon regret as soon as the next hurricane comes howling.

hurricane windows and doors Jupiter FL

What are Common Mistakes Floridians Make Regarding House Protection That They Soon Regret?

The worst of assumptions could be thinking something is already enough when they’re actually not. Protecting your house with the best quality materials and processes is common knowledge in Jupiter, FL. But homeowners continue to dive into pitfalls with the following mistakes.

Avoiding Professional Installation

It’s understandable for people to look for ways to save, but this is not one good option to have. You may think you can use DIY solutions or hire an inexperienced team to do the work. However, this may hurt your budget more than you think it will. While the work may look good at first, it may not withstand hurricane-force winds when a strong storm arrives.Thus, opt for professional installation to ensure the best results.

Buying Based on Price

Another mistake people commit is to buy based on price. There are many ways we can save up cash, but this is not one of those. Buying cheaper materials only means you're getting low-quality ones. If you want to fortify your house as much as possible, then go for more expensive options that guarantee your money’s worth.

Forgetting about Strengthened Types

Hurricane windows and doors come in different types and design pressure ratings. Just because you’ve installed hurricane windows and doors doesn’t mean you’re now safe from hurricanes of all intensities. Windows with a DP rating of 40 should withstand Category 4 hurricanes but will yield under Category 5 storms.Enhancements can also be made for added benefits. Low-E coatings, for example, block UV rays from piercing through your house, making for a comfortable afternoon nap.

Not Considering Other Options

Hurricane windows come in different styles as well. They can be single or double-hung, casement, sliding, or picture hurricane windows. Choosing the best option for your house does not only add to its overall curb appeal but also to the level of protection they bring.

Buying Windows in Unreputable Stores

Anyone can sell windows, but do they have the reputation for having quality products? Entrusting the protection of your house into random stores could be the biggest mistake you’d ever make. Buying in a trusted window and door store, on the other hand, means you’re in a lot better shape. These stores have acquired the necessary license and insurance for their products and services, so it’s less likely things would go wrong.

hurricane windows and doors Jupiter FL

Do You Need Hurricane Windows and Doors in Jupiter, FL?

The worst thing about regretting something is that you could probably not do anything to change the situation with as little damage as possible. Case in point, having low-quality windows and doors installed in your house by a sub-par team means redoing everything after the first hurricane shows its wrath. And instead of saving money, you end up spending more on the repair work.Thus, for your hurricane windows and doors, contact Palm Beach Hurricane Windows. Our 30 years of experience assure you of nothing else but great results. Do you want to avoid these mistakes? Talk to us now for a free estimate.