Different Types of Glass Shutters

December 19, 2023
March 27, 2023

In residential and commercial settings, glass is one of the most significant building elements. Different varieties of glass are available today, and each one offers a distinctive characteristic. Here, we'll go through the most popular glass forms, their advantages and disadvantages, and the applications they work best for, like hurricane windows and doors in Jupiter, FL.  

shattered  hurricane windows and doors in Jupiter, FL

Types of Glass Used in Hurricane Windows and Doors  

Dual-Pane Windows  

A gap filled with air or argon gas and sealed shut separates two layers of glass to create double-glazed glass. The space between the two glass panels significantly reduces the thermal conductivity and rate of heat transfer through the glass. They are a wonderful choice if you want more control over how much heat is transmitted through the glass.  

The benefits of having dual-pane hurricane windows are lower energy costs, reduced condensation, diminished noise, and enhanced insulation effectiveness. However, the disadvantage is that it is more expensive.  

Wired Glass  

It can be used as a preventative measure to stop glass from falling if a fire were to develop because wired glass contains wire mesh reinforced into the glass. It is typically used in fire escape pathways, fire-resistant doors, and skylights in government buildings, including schools, institutions, and businesses.  

Hurricane windows and doors are extremely heat resistant and can help prevent burglars. On the other hand, the downside here is that exposed broken wire will reveal sharp edges, which can lead to injury. Further, a wire blocks vision and can rust if exposed to prolonged periods of dampness and rain.  

Low E Glass  

Low E Glass stands for Low Emissivity Glass. It includes a thin, transparent metallic coating that minimizes heat or cold transfer through the glass, increasing your home's energy efficiency.  

The best thing about windows with Low E Glass is that they can lower energy consumption. It also applies to double- and laminated-glazing glass and can improve insulating power. However, in some lights or angles, the image may appear blurry.  

Reflective Glass  

Reflective glass, commonly referred to as mirrored glass, creates a mirror effect. It can be used for furniture and tabletops as well as a mirror. Further, mirrored glass reflects light, making it ideal for tiny spaces to give the appearance of more room. It may be tailored to fit your design ideas by being cut in several lengths, shapes, and styles.  

Mirrored glass is difficult to remove after being glued to a wall. They are typically installed using silicone, and removing them sometimes risks damaging the wall.  

Frosted Glass    

Frosted glass is frequently utilized to improve bathroom spaces in both residential and business settings. They are available in several patterns, and they may be utilized to increase the amount of privacy and natural light in the space.  

The benefits are as follows:  

  • Increases seclusion  
  • Diffuses light  
  • It is simple to maintain  
  • Excellent window covering alternative to blinds or drapes  

Frosted glass can be produced with hardened or annealed glass; whichever type you select, the same drawbacks will be there.  

Tinted Glass  

Blue, green, and grey tinted glass are the most prevalent colors. Tinted glass is the perfect choice for sunny outdoor settings since it lessens the intensity of glare and heat from the sun. It can reduce the fading of furniture caused by strong UV light, increase daytime privacy, and reduce heat and glare. The downside of this type of glass is that it cuts back on visible light.  

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Laminated Hurricane Windows and Doors in Jupiter, FL  

Laminated glass comprises two or more sheets of glass and is categorized as safety glass. Permanent adhesives hold them together, and impact resistance is very good. It is more expensive, yet laminated glass can serve many of the same functions. Give us a call for more information!