What Are Vinyl Patio Doors?

March 6, 2024
January 9, 2023

For various reasons, choosing the right material for your patio doors is crucial. Different climates benefit more from the engineering of specific materials. Patio doors vinyl, for instance, are created expressly to be energy-efficient and to deliver beautiful aesthetics to your home.  

Finding the ideal door system for your house can be difficult because many design options, materials, and combinations are available. The materials enumerated below influence your home, even though each patio door system is created to welcome natural light, broaden your views, and effortlessly merge living rooms.  

The appropriate material can ensure you enjoy your patio doors for many years. Both vinyl and aluminum patio doors have their benefits and can give you long-lasting function and attractiveness.

garden with vinyl patio doors

What You Need to Know About Vinyl Patio Doors  

What Is It?  

When deciding between vinyl and aluminum patio doors, you must consider your desired level of upkeep, spending limit, and requirements for energy efficiency. Vinyl is a resilient and long-lasting substance that consistently withstands the elements.  

Vinyl patio doors are an excellent option for people who live in mild climates since they offer protection against termites, rust, and dampness. You don't need frequent repairs or extensive maintenance because vinyl materials require little upkeep. Most of these door types only need weekly dusting and cleaning to maintain their overall appearance and structural integrity.  

What Are the Pros and Cons?  

Vinyl patio doors are affordable and efficient. Additionally, they use extremely little energy, and these doors are resistant to the weather and won't peel, flake, rot, or corrode easily.  

However, vinyl patio doors have a few small drawbacks. First, abrupt temperature changes have the potential to induce vinyl splits. Second, vinyl occasionally burns more readily compared to other patio door materials. Nevertheless, in light of the advantages this material offers, both of these problems are easily dealt with.

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Other Materials for Patio Doors  

  • Aluminum  

Aluminum patio doors are made to be strong and require little maintenance, just like steel patio doors. However, patio doors made of aluminum are significantly lighter than steel ones. These patio doors can save you money on energy costs and are quite affordable.  

Not all is rosy, though. Aluminum patio doors exacerbate many of the problems with steel patio doors. These doors are more prone to dents because they are lighter than steel patio doors. Even though aluminum patio doors are made to withstand corrosion, dents, and scratches, other damage to the protective layers can be an issue.  

  • Steel  

Compared to wood patio doors, steel patio doors are less expensive and require less maintenance. Additionally, they offer high insulation, which contributes to their energy efficiency.  

All things considered, if steel doors are scraped, dented, or have their protective paint layers peeled off, they can rust. These doors may get extremely hot or chilly depending on the weather because metal conducts heat.    

If you're torn between these two possibilities, think about clad-wood patio doors. These doors are made of wood with an external metal covering. Clad-wood patio doors are pricey but offer the advantages of wood doors with the low maintenance requirements of metal doors.  

  • Wood  

Although other materials might be more energy-efficient, wood patio doors are relatively pricey. These doors need ongoing maintenance because wood is a natural material, which can be a bother because they require upkeep. Additionally, prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight will fade the wood, and moisture in the air can deform this type of patio door.

garden with vinyl patio doors

Are You Looking for Vinyl Patio Doors?  

If you're planning to install vinyl patio doors, you probably already know what kind of vinyl you want to use. If you don’t, get a hold of our friendly staff!