Everything You Need to Know About Hurricane-Proof Doors

February 27, 2024
August 15, 2021

Having hurricane-proof doors for your house in Palm Beach County is a smart move to ensure damaging storms won’t cause them to shatter. Through this, you can rest assured that water cannot seep into your house and damage interior furniture. At the same time, this can even deter possible burglars from breaking in through broken windows.

incoming storm shows need for hurricane-proof doors

What Are Hurricane-Proof Doors?

Hurricane-proof doors or impact doors are special types of doors that use various materials to guarantee more durability, cost-effectiveness, and beauty.These characteristics may sound superficial to some. Therefore, let’s look closely at everything we need to know about hurricane-proof doors and why it's best to have them.

Impact Doors Can Withstand Strong Winds

Impact doors are engineered to withstand hurricane-strength rains, gale-force winds, and strong impact from flying debris. They also make sure that your house remains dry even after a hurricane. Its watertight quality can stop water from leaking in.Some hurricane-proof doors contain layers of double impact-resistant glass and another layer of plastic. Thus, should the first layer break, there’s still a second-line defense protecting your house.

Hurricane-Proof Doors Are Better Than Wood and Metal Counterparts

Moisture may cause wood to expand. Metal can easily corrode when subjected to humidity or excess water. Fiberglass, on the other hand, does not react to any of the weather elements, making it a lot better than wood and metal.

They Provide Extra Insulation

Impact doors are not only designed to be sturdy. They are also manufactured with your comfort in mind. Impact-resistant doors have high-performance Low-E coatings that reduce the possibility of heat transfer.

Improves Security

These doors are designed not only to withstand terrible weather conditions but also to secure your home from burglars breaking down your front door. Since they are sturdy and can stand a projectile carried by 100mph winds, it’s not easy to penetrate them.As a result, you’ll have peace of mind as you get to bed or leave your house for a family trip.

They Can Be Indistinguishable from Wood Doors

Do you worry about fiberglass being a less attractive material? There’s no need to fret. This material’s versatility allows it to be carved to seem like it’s wood. Manufacturers can carve them with seemingly wooden grains to appear like they’re not synthetic ones.

They Significantly Reduce Noise

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, then impact-resistant doors come in handy. Part of its features is its ability to significantly reduce sound, blocking noise transfer from penetrating inside your house. A well-insulated door lets you relax after a busy day at work.

hurricane-proof doors

Are You Ready to Have Hurricane-Proof Doors?

Hurricane-proof doors are arguably the best type of doors a house can have in Palm Beach County. Given the various weather elements present in the region, your house needs to have superior protection.At Palm Beach Hurricane Windows, our reputation in customer service, craftsmanship, and quality materials makes us the most recommended construction company for your impact-resistant windows and entry doors. Call us today, and let’s discuss how we can give you the best service.