What to Do if a Window Breaks During a Storm

January 3, 2024
September 7, 2022

Is a hurricane headed toward you? Were you able to schedule condo hurricane windows installation? It’s important to be prepared, so during your hurricane preparation, you should know what to happen if damage occurs during a storm.

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Guide on What to Do When a Window Breaks During a Storm

Transfer Your Family to a Different Room

Moving your family out of the house in the middle of a storm is among the worst things you could do. Seeing shuttered glass in your home may make you anxious, but if you can wait a little while longer to go, you and your loved ones will be better off.Therefore, moving into a room with few or no windows would be the safest course of action. Close the door as soon as you enter that room.

Evaluate the Damage

If at all possible, hold off on inspecting your property to determine the extent of the damage until the storm has passed. Get rid of glass. However, if you can't get rid of it all outside, seal off any areas that could shelter shards and provide a risk to family or guests.Examine your house from top to bottom for any broken windows as well as damage to the foundation, siding, and roof. Pay attention to any loose siding, shutters, or roofing surrounding your windows as well. Check the interior walls around broken windows for leaks or water infiltration.

Do A Simple Yet Necessary Fix

You can try to fix the shattered window right away if you are in the storm's "eye". For instance, you may place a flat piece of cardboard or plywood over the window opening to seal it. Although it won't be a permanent fix, doing this might stop incoming gusts from breaking your windows.Glass fragments will be scattered all over the place. Be cautious otherwise you might nick yourself. If the wind picks up again, abandon the project and return as soon as you can to a secure location.

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Let the Storm Pass

When a storm is approaching, staying still is the best course of action. You shouldn't tempt fate by striving to mend things while hurricane winds are whipping about over a 100 mph. There will be nothing between you and the debris whirling around outside, making the situation much more perilous.

Speak With Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance provider as soon as you have assessed the damage. If they ask for it, send them images, videos, or other proof of the damage. Also, save all receipts for repairs and unexpected expenditures. Your insurer will be able to inform you of your policy's requirements for temporary remediation to stop further damage and provide advice on repair options.

Affordable, Weather-Resistant Replacement Windows and Shutters Are an Investment

You might want to look into high impact storm windows if you reside in an area that frequently has severe weather events. These may come at a premium price but can maintain the integrity of your hurricane windows during harsh storms.

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Where to Get Efficient Condo Hurricane Windows Installation

If you live in a condo that’s located in hurricane-prone areas, installing hurricane windows is probably a wise move. Don’t hesitate to contact us!