The Best Materials for Hurricane Windows

July 8, 2024
July 3, 2024

Living close to the beach may sound like a dream: beautiful views and warm summer days. However, coastal homes are also more susceptible to damage from harsh weather. Especially if you’re in a hurricane-prone area. Having hurricane windows and doors in Delray Beach, FL, is more than an aesthetic choice; it is a must.

Impact-resistant windows protect your home during severe weather. However, they come in various materials, and choosing the right one for you may be a challenge. To help you with that, here’s a short guide on the strongest materials for residential impact windows and doors.

prevent hurricane damage with hurricane windows and doors in delray beach fl

What Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Let’s start by explaining how hurricane-impact windows are and how they’re made. These unique windows are made with impact-resistant glass and sturdy frames to withstand harsh weather, including hurricanes.  

They offer vital defense against wind, debris, and water intrusion for your house. They achieve that by counting with two panes of tempered or laminated glass instead of a single one. A bonded layer of clear polymer, typically polyvinyl butyral, sits between those two, helping to hold the window together even if it breaks.

It’s the same principle behind a car’s windshield. You can prevent extreme wind currents from entering your house during hurricanes and tornadoes, which could cause your roof to lift and blow off.

For the frames, they use either vinyl or aluminum.

Vinyl Hurricane Impact Windows

Vinyl hurricane windows are one of the strongest options available. Vinyl is a light, and easy-to-maneuver material, but it’s highly resistant against weather and wind pressure. For example, vinyl patio doors are incredible resistant against moisture, extreme temperatures, and pests.

They’re made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and offer an elegant, clean look and require little maintenance. Unlike wood sashes and frames, which split, rot, and must be painted regularly, vinyl frames are resistant to environmental factors.

Moreover, these types of windows help with isolation, as the hollow cavities of vinyl frames can be filled with insulation. This contributes to lowering energy bills considerably and keeping your house cool.

Aluminum Hurricane Impact Windows

Aluminum frames are reliable and long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and mechanically fastened at the corners for added strength. They keep wind and water out while keeping air conditioning and heating in, reducing energy costs.

Moreover, the material’s design flexibility helps engineers design thin and stylish windows that match your house’s style and offer continuous, smooth, easy, and quiet operation. This ensures that any family member can utilize them without trouble.

Aluminum is also a highly recyclable material, making it an attractive choice for homeowners who wish to create a sustainable but safe home.

keep your roof for blowing off with hurricane windows and doors in delray beach fl

Learn More About Hurricane Windows and Doors in Delray Beach, FL

Impact windows and doors are a must for any coastal home. In addition to providing security against extreme weather, they also provide soundproofing, increase energy savings, and protect homes from burglars.  

And among all kinds, vinyl and aluminum hurricane windows are the strongest. If you’re interested in hearing more about our materials, give us a call!