How Do Hurricane Windows Help Reduce Insurance Rates?

June 10, 2024
June 10, 2024

Nobody is more aware of a hurricane's destructive power than Floridians. Without the protection of hurricane windows and doors in Boynton Beach, FL, nature's power can be terrifying, destroying homes and causing irreparable harm.

Many homeowners rely on their insurance providers for peace of mind in the case of an accident. But as climate change makes nature's fury more destructive, insurance costs have also increased. Installing impact windows can protect your home better and decrease your insurance costs. Here’s how that works.

Less Insurance Costs With Hurricane Windows and Doors in Boynton Beach FL

What Factors Affect Home Insurance Costs?

From 2000 to the present, the list of Florida hurricanes has only grown longer. In 2023 alone, 79 tropical or subtropical cyclones affected the state, and as climate change continues, experts predict this number will only increase.

Insurance companies are paying close attention to this. As you probably know, they consider many factors before taking you on as a client, your location’s weather conditions being one of them.

This allows insurance companies to give you a quote based on the potential dangers surrounding your property. Other factors that insurance companies consider are:  

  • Your location
  • The cost to rebuild your house
  • Your home's age
  • Distance from water
  • Distance from the fire department
  • How well-kept your house is
  • Your credit history
  • Whether or not you have windstorm mitigation

Some of these factors can be improved, like staying on top of your home’s maintenance or getting impact windows. But others, like your location, are unchangeable.

Hurricane Windows Help Reduce Insurance Costs  

On March 1, 2002, Florida passed legislation requiring insurance companies to offer discounts to homeowners who installed windstorm mitigation features. This was the Florida statute number 627.0629.

Windstorm mitigation refers to features that could reduce damage and loss during a windstorm. This includes hurricane windows and doors, for example. On the other hand, insurance companies can also benefit, as homes with hurricane windows are less likely to require extensive restorations.

How Do Hurricane Windows Protect Your Home?

Hurricane windows are made to resist the strong winds, flying objects, and heavy downpours that come with a tropical hurricane. Their panes consist of two tempered glass sheets bonded together with a resin layer in between.  

The resin, made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB), binds the layers together, providing structure and keeping the window from shattering during a storm. Additionally, the frames are stronger than common windows because they are made of wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl.

In the event of a hurricane, this design keeps the window intact. If the windows don’t break, sudden gusts of wind can’t come in and cause damage to the house's framework or lift the roof off.

Protect Your Home With Hurricane Windows and Doors in Boynton Beach FL

Ready to Buy Hurricane Windows and Doors in Boynton Beach, FL?

Your home is a significant financial investment, but it’s also the source of shelter and security for your family. Keeping it safe without going over the budget is vital. Palm Beach Hurricane Windows can help you with that.

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