Why Are Impact Windows Better Than Hurricane Shutters?

December 6, 2023
October 15, 2021

Under the Florida Building Code, homes and businesses alike must comply with the minimum structural standards needed to safeguard them from harsh wind speeds. After Hurricane Andrew created state-wide devastation in 1992, Florida mandated its governments to implement stricter measures for house safety, including the installation of Palm Beach hurricane windows to safeguard Floridian lives and properties.  With this, many residents can't help but ask. Is it required to have hurricane windows in Florida? For areas within one mile from the coast, their properties must be equipped with impact products or external protection such as hurricane shutters.  Since these areas receive the cruelest storms in all of South Florida, their establishments must have impact protection from wind speeds 110 mph or greater. With these specifications, we ask, which products should I get to guard my house?  Let's compare impact resistant windows and hurricane shutters and see how these products perform under category five storms.  

kitchen and dining area adorned with Palm Beach hurricane windows

Deciding Between Impact Windows and Hurricane Shutters

Wind and Water Protection

Although both are proven to withstand strong winds, the difference lies in how far and how long they can endure them. Since impact windows consist of laminated glass and plastic material layers, creating impact fractures is difficult.  Impact fractures are broken windows and doors, resulting in a home's damage due to rapid air movement and pressure equalizations.  Additionally, impact windows are stand-alone units that go with durable frames to guarantee maximum protection. On the other hand, it's vital to note that you should install hurricane shutters over existing windows that properly close and won't crank open. A hurricane's air pressure can cause windows and doors to dislodge, making shutters useless as the very foundation meant to hold them in place isn't strong enough to survive.  Moreover, it would be best if you drilled holes from the exterior of your home to install shutters, but in this way, water intrusion can also happen.  

Logistical Reasons

Hurricane shutters require you to either manually or electronically operate them. Thus, this adds up to the long list of things you need to prepare as the hurricane starts to whistle its way to its path.  On the other hand, upon installing hurricane windows, you are free of the stress of thinking about them since they are already prepared to keep your house safe in that state. Also, hurricane windows are transparent, which allows you to keep track of the situation outside should there be anything that could cause concern.

Level of Overall Protection

It's undeniable that the overall protection level that hurricane windows with a DP 50 rating offer are beyond comparison. They are tested to resist powerful winds of up to 200 mph.  Furthermore, should the outside layer break, it will only form a spiderweb-like crack and won't cause the glass to shatter. Thus, you can rest assured that you are very well sheltered within the comforts of your home amidst the thrashing of a hurricane outside.  

living room with Palm Beach hurricane windows

Get Palm Beach Hurricane Windows for Your House

The level of damage, or lack thereof, that your house will suffer from heavily depends on how efficiently you guard it. In the middle of a storm, your house deserves heightened security just as much as you do.  Thus, if you're longing to sleep in peace during a hurricane, give us a call at Palm Beach Hurricane Windows so we can help you.