How to Know How Much Time You Have Before the Storm

January 3, 2024
April 3, 2023

If you happen to be located in an area with frequent hurricanes and tropical storms, you must pay attention to the news and weather alerts. It is also important that you know someone who offers window replacement services at affordable pricing.

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What to Do to Know When a Storm Is Coming

Listen to Local Media  

Watching or listening to local radio or television stations is a great way to remain informed about impending storms. These stations frequently offer severe weather updates and can tell you when a storm is predicted to hit your area. They can also advise you on the safety steps you should take.  

Use a Weather App or Website  

You can use a weather app or website to get real-time information on the position and speed of approaching storms and check the weather prediction. Many apps and websites use GPS technology to give you precise and current weather information about your location. AccuWeather and The Weather Channel are well-known weather applications.  

Check the Weather Forecast  

National weather agencies, such as the National Weather Service, offer up-to-date predictions that contain details on impending storms. Based on the most recent weather information, these forecasts can give you an idea of when and how severe a storm is predicted to be in your area. These forecasts are accessible via the NWS website or a weather app on your smartphone.  


  • Create a strategy to protect your property - Cover all of your windows with 5/8-inch marine plywood that has been cut to size and is ready for installation. Always remember that tape won't stop windows from breaking! Further, you can add straps or clips to the framework to firmly fasten your roof.  
  • Maintaining well-trimmed trees and bushes surrounding your home will make them more wind-resistant. You can also clean out the drains and gutters of debris.  
  • Remember to bring in all outdoor furniture, decorations, garbage cans, and anything else that isn't tied down. Wind entering a garage can result in serious and costly structural damage.
  • Install a generator in case of power failure.
  • Create a family emergency plan and a disaster preparedness kit.
  • Be familiar with your environment.  
  • Knowing your property's elevation and whether the area is prone to flooding will help you understand how a storm surge or tidal flooding may affect your property.  
  • Identify whether the levees and dams in your area are a risk to you.
  • Discover local hurricane evacuation routes and higher ground.  

What to Do After a Storm  

Assess the damage to your home or business after the storm has passed. Make sure to look for damage on the roof.  

Moreover, you should inspect any outside furniture and vehicles that were left outside. Look for damaged metal and shattered or cracked glass. Take pictures of any damage, then get in touch with your insurance carrier as away.  

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Get Window Replacement Services for Convenience  

Keeping the tips in mind will help you determine when a storm will likely hit your area and will be better equipped to protect your family and yourself. To be safe, it's always a good idea to remain alert and ready for a storm. However, it's vital to remember that weather may be unpredictable, and conditions can change fast. Give us a call!